Credit Counseling

Gain Financial Freedom with Credit Counseling

Credit counseling provides guidance on consumer credit, budgeting, money management, and debt management. A credit counselor will discuss your financial situation with you to develop a plan of action that can help solve your money problems. This can include providing guidance on managing your money and debt, developing a budget, helping you increase your credit score, and organizing a debt management plan that can help you pay down your debts.

The objective of credit counseling is to provide you with financial education and help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. When you go through credit counseling, you will work on a personalized plan to help you with your financial issues. You will also be provided guidance on approaching creditors about settlements and payment plans.

The solutions to your financial issues may vary since each individual's financial situation will be different. However, your credit counselor will work with you to help create an action plan that can help you avoid additional financial hardship.